Oregon simply is not Oregon without clean, abundant water.

We all need reliable access to cold, clean water to sustain healthy communities, livelihoods, and ecosystems. Right now, Oregon is facing rising water insecurity that will only worsen with a changing climate. Action is necessary to ensure sustainable supplies for all that rely on this vital resource. Download our Oregon Water Priorities handout PDF.

Our Priorities

Build Resilience for Oregon’s Future

Investments in environmental drought resilience to lessen the impact of future droughts and help Oregon leverage newly available federal dollars for fish, wildlife, and watersheds.

Modernizing statutes to allow the state to better protect ecosystems and manage water proactively.

Bring Water Data into the 21st Century

Investment in science and technology to quantify water supply, instream and out-of-stream water needs, water consumption, and opportunities for conservation and efficiency to ensure sustainability.

Funding for state agencies for staff and equipment to support increased water data collection, management, integration, and accessibility.

Protect and Restore Our Waters

Increased instream protections including the adoption of more instream water rights, support for voluntary instream transfers and leases, and designation of new state scenic waterways.

Investments in nature-based approaches to expand our natural water storage capacity, improve water quality, increase disaster resilience, and benefit fish and wildlife habitat.

Support Smart Water Management

Modernizing groundwater management to ensure groundwater rights are only issued if they are within the capacity of the resource.

Equitable protection for communities and ecosystems to ensure that our most vulnerable communities can adapt to a changing climate, and our most resilient habitats can persist.

Water insecurity may ultimately threaten the environmental and economic well-being of the entire state.

2023 Oregon Secretary of State Report: State Leadership Must Take Action to Protect Water Security for All Oregonians